My Vision

Jewelry, as a wearable art should be the ultimate definition of who one someone is as a person. As an artist, I want to create something that intrigues the eye, brings confidence to the wearer, and tells a story.

My Story

My passion for jewelry began years before a String of Beads became a reality. When I was young, I created my first necklace out of cantaloupe seeds. I was so proud of my achievement at 8 years old, I boldly wore my creation in public. I've always had a talent for creativity and art, and only later in life realized how much jewelry could satisfy my zeal for such expression.

Who am I?

DSC_0044 Cropped

Azra Hussain

Founder, CEO, Designer

A self-taught jewelry artist, Azra brings her own unique experience, talent, and story to her work. Her works can be said be an expression of human nature: contrasting, complex, and beautiful.

Want to see my work?

Some of my most popular work can be seen in the Gallery.